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Design is great, ideas made visual.

Our goal is to amplify the emotions of the spectators with our stage designs and to excite the audience even before the show act starts. It underscores the event, raises the audience’s response, and captures their attention. The difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary event is in the details. We are convinced that outstanding stage design is a key element of an unforgettable experience and a lasting inspiration for visitors.

Based on Klaus Leutgeb’s ideas and under his direction, our creative team plans glamorous and unforgettable “stage experience worlds” in which space, lighting, and imagery merge with spectacular design and state-of-the-art technology to form a harmonious whole.

Below is an overview of our stage designs of recent years. Further interesting productions are in planning.

MOSAIK Live Arena Tour

The design and technical implementation of the tour stage for superstar Andrea Berg’s Mosaik Live Arena Tour presented a unique challenge.

The conception of an indoor stage is a challenge in its own right. First, the space available is limited, and second, completely different technical requirements must be taken into account. The stage’s specifications alone are impressive: 15 meters wide, 12 meters in depth, plus a variable length catwalk. However, it’s the technology installed in the stage that casts the entire performance in the best light. State-of-the-art sound, light, and laser technology as well as gigantic 4K LED screens running stunning visuals bring the stage to life. Gigantic inflatable figures and objects create a magical fantasy world adding depth and emotion to Andrea Berg’s performances in a sensitive and professional manner.

The largest gondola in the world
Schladming Ski Opening 2019

The stage design for the 2019 Schladming Ski Opening in December creatively highlighted the inauguration of the ski region’s main new lift. An oversized gondola (potentially the largest ever built) was a key stage element creating a visual experience second to none.

The dimensions of the stage were breathtaking. Two 40-meter supports spaced 60 meters apart were erected between which the impressive gondola hovered. State-of-the-art lighting, laser, and pyrotechnics transformed the Planai Stadium and the night sky above Schladming into a sea of fire and color ensuring an unforgettable show.

Balloon Stage
Andrea Berg Heimspiel 2019

We were also commissioned with the stage design and project implementation for Andrea Berg’s 2019 Heimspiel. This stage again set new standards in terms of technology and dimensions. The sidewalls were realized as huge, stylized hot air balloons. State-of-the-art sound, light, high-tech lasers, oversized 4k video walls and elaborate pyrotechnics offered a perfect optical experience for the concert visitors.

Clock Tower Stage
Electric Nation 2019

The ingenious use of the most advanced stage technology created astonishment and admiration among the thousands of visitors at the Kronehit Electric Nation 2019 in Graz. With a width of 50 meters, a height of 25 meters and a weight of approximately 300 tons, this stage was another colossal masterpiece.

The central element of the main stage was a futuristic-looking design of the Graz Clock Tower. Equipped with state-of-the-art LED, lighting and laser technology and ingeniously integrated LED walls covering several hundred square meters, the tower, together with first-class pyrotechnics, brought this event to life on the Graz open-air trade fair grounds.

Weitmoser Schlössl
Sound & Snow 2019

At Sound & Snow in Bad Hofgastein in early 2019, the Weitmoser Schlössl served as a source of inspiration for the stage visualization and was unmistakably reflected in the basic design of the approximately 40×14 meter stage. Set around the main stage, 11 giant LED walls, in the form of oversized picture frames, displayed not only live images of the event, but also told the fascinating history of the region.

A total of 11 huge LED walls in the form of oversized picture frames were arranged around the main stage. During the show they not only displayed live pictures but also told the rich history of the region. Hundreds of ultra-modern spotlights let well-known artists shine and also provided the audience with emotional moments. The pyrotechnic and special effects built up as the show progressed, erupting in an unforgettable finale at the end of the concert.

The Planai-Alm Stage
Ski Opening 2018

The stage at the Ski Opening 2018 in Schladming was extraordinary and impressed the audience with its uniqueness and individuality. Designed as an oversized alpine hut with the considerable dimensions of 50 x 20 meters, the stage set was an unprecedented construction.

This masterpiece of stage construction was equipped with the latest technology, which not only guaranteed a superlative musical experience, but also left an unforgettable visual impression. Hundreds of square meters of LED walls and a myriad of spots and lasers provided a phenomenal background for the acts. A pyrotechnic and laser show, choreographed down to the smallest detail, provided a grandiose conclusion.

Butterfly Stage
Andrea Berg Heimspiel 2018

With a width of 61 meters, a height of 22 meters and a weight of well over 300 tons, the stage at Andrea Berg’s Heimspiel in 2018 surpassed everything previously seen. A total of 33 kilometers of cable, over 500 spotlights, 300 square meters of LED walls, 4 high-tech lasers, 2,600 square meters of decorative fabrics and 500 square meters of stage floor resulted in an imposing stage set.

The central element of the mega-stage, designed especially for the artist, was the butterfly. The huge audience could follow the action on stage on two huge LED walls in the form of two butterfly wings. A 6×8 meter iridescent decorative butterfly was also positioned at the top of the stage construction. The highlight was a free-floating skywalk that allowed Andrea Berg to float above her fans at a height of 20 meters above the transparent stage roof.

The Sunstage
Electric Nation 2018

The Electric Nation 2018 stage was a true masterpiece of design and technical sophistication. Conceived as a pyramid in the style of a Mayan sun temple, this remarkable 70-meter-wide and 25-meter-high stage was equipped with the most modern and innovative stage technology available. This stroke of genius visually complemented the musical acts of the star DJs in an outstanding way. Fantastic pyrotechnical effects, unbelievably elaborate laser shows, the use of state-of-the-art light and sound technology, impressive water effects and much more raised this event to a completely new level.

The Mountainstage
Ski Opening 2017

Local geography provided the basic idea for the planning and design of this stage. The four mountains of the Schladming-Dachstein ski region – Hauser-Kaibling, Planai, Hochwurzen and Reiteralm – formed the planning and visualization basis. The name for the stage was soon found: MOUNTAINSTAGE.

The icing on the cake, however, was the integration of a merchandising article from the Schladming-Dachstein region, a green “Pommelhaube” (pom-pom knit ski hat), into the stage design. Corresponding to the dimensions of the 45-meter-wide and 20-meter-high MOUNTAINSTAGE, the 7-meter Pommel Hood, was certainly the largest ski cap in the world and formed the striking highlight of this stage construction. Another equally impressive achievement was the technical equipment of the stage, which surpassed previous stages. A 300 m2 LED wall and 350 spots let the Planai slopes, the stage, and the night sky above Schladming shine in a cornucopia of colors. A breathtaking pyrotechnics and laser show provided additional surprise effects.